What is RTLS1? " REAL TIME LS1 "

RTLS1 is a modified LS1 PCM, the first of its type in the world that can operate in the same way as MOTEC, HALTECH, FAST or any other aftermarket REAL TIME ECU.

RTLS1 does not use an emulator like other systems or need to play on words that suggest its real time tuning.

from its conception has and is the ONLY true Real Time LS1 tuning system. The very fact that it does NOT use the OBDII factory diagnostic port, gives it the ability to log and tune at very high speeds, far beyond any OBDII Tuning/Logging tool.  Keep in mind the OBDII (on Board Diagnostic) service port was only designed for diagnostics use NOT high speed tuning.
Communications interface is built in, protocol being Ethernet RJ45 (10 Mbps) which allows tuning, logging over the internet or wireless for tuning at race venues.

RTLS1 does not require any on going licencing fees. You can tune as many cars as you wish.

RTLS1's performance is outstanding and should not be confused with any slower OBDII Real time tuning tools.

What does the RTLS1 PCM look like?


Apart from obvious RJ45 rectangular input socket the PCM looks normal. We don't supply a interface cable as the RTLS1 PCM has its own built in.

What are the RTLS1's specifications?

Built in interface: Ethernet RJ45 (10 Mbps)

- Changing Data Parameters IMMEDIATELY in Real Time without nasty ECM hiccups (ie. restarts)
- Upload/Download ENTIRE Data/Parameter in just under 2 seconds
- High Speed Data Logging - 700 PIDs at 90+ frames per second
- Download ENTIRE PCM (Program/Data) in just 10 seconds (Yes, all those 4194304 bits)
- Upload ENTIRE PCM (Program/Data) in 20 seconds (Verifies Program by re-downloading, so PCMs don't die on you)
- No more time consuming re-flashing the PCM to tune

- Uses the highly popular TCP/IP protocol. Yes, your car even gets its own IP!
- Wireless connection possible using Wireless Access Points/Bridge (Feel like datalogging from the grandstand?)
- Even tune a car over the Internet!
- View your car's status via a webpage. (RPM, Coolant, Temp etc.)

How fast can RTLS1 log? What can we see now that other scan tools can't?

An animated display of the RTLS1 software in slow motion. A blue transmission triger pulse is targeted and expanded to allow accurate measurment of 0.04 seconds which equates to logging rates close to 100 fps (frames per second).
You will also notice the engine RPM in yellow has only changed by 2.15 RPM.
This clearly demonstrats the ability of the RTLS1 to capture high speed data that would be missed by other OBDII tuning tools.

RTLS1 can see more detail than any other scan tool!

Another animated display, this time a comparison with a Typical OBDII logging tool where for every 1 frame it logs the RTLS1 logs 10 frames or more. This gives RTLS1 tuners a great advantage being able to tune in table areas where other tuning tools can not see. Watch the Seconds Counter. Changing by 0.01 of a Second. Thats 100 fps.

Animated log below made at the same time as above, which shows same engine under test with a frame rate approximately 10 fps (frames per second) typical OBDII data rate.
You will notice the same area is being covered as in the RTLS1 log above with now only one frame jumping from 39kPA Map to 99 Kpa making it impossible to see and therefore tune between these points of this transition period.
There is a lot going on in this animation. Have a close look at the Typical OBDII log below and see if you can pick what is being missed.

More to follow soon.



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