News Item: : 2nd LS1 in SUPER STREET to win Main Event in 2005. Tuned by Dicks Electronics with RTLS1
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Saturday 02 September 2006 - 23:00:00


Extensive tuning with RTLS1 was used over more than one racing season to take this baby cammed GenIII into 11.6 ET times. It was predicted with cooler weather ETs would drop at least 0.2 seconds. This is where the car is running today 11.4 ET. Oztracks (Steve Bennet) has proven to be a very consistant driver and has taken over the tuning in 2006, even removing weight to get this vehicle quicker to no avail.

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Oztrack's Clubsport was the NSW Season Champion in 2005/2006 in "Super Street" Drag Racing at Sydney Dragway it ran a best of 10.9/123mph.
This car could accelerate 0 - 160kph in 7.0s and could still get under 10L/100km cruising at 110kph on the motorway.
So we certainly know what to do to get maximum performance from these vehicles. 
The inference is that Oztrack developed this award winning tune for his SS VX (cloned Clubsport) making out that he certainly knew what to do to get maximum performance from these vehicles.  The facts do not support this. What occurred is that Oztrack did not develop this award winning tune, he did not start his own tuning until early 2006 and this award was won in July 2005 with a tune developed by Dicks electronics.

Before Oztrack began tuning his own car in 2006 he asked Dicks Electronics for the Lock code for the award winning developed tune which was in his PCM. He was told that it was not possible to have the lock code. Steve Bennet pleaded to have this lock code as he did not want to be seen going backwards at the track when he was only starting to learn how to tune his own car.
Dick from Dick’s Electronics decided (weakened),  that as Steve had made it quite clear he was only interested in tuning his own car and would never go into business against Dicks Electronics the lock code would be given to him.
It was decided that three conditions would apply to allow Steve to have the unlock code.
1) He would only be able to use this tune for his own personal use.
2) He would not send or give the Dicks Electronics tune to anyone else.
3) Steve Bennet himself made it quite clear he would not go into a tuning business to compete against Dicks Electronics.
Seve Bennet agreed to these terms and we shook hands on it.
All three conditions were soon broken.
One week later we received a call from a well known tuning shop saying Steve had sent the tune (Dicks Electronics tune) to them.  Apparently questioning the amount of timing the tune had.
A short time later Steve was doing Mafless tunes for 1/3 the price Dicks Electronics was charging.  This affected us and many other established tuning shops.
I had several shops call me and complain that I should not have allowed Steve Bennet to prostitute my work.

Steve Bennet has proven to me to be a very dishonest person.

This news item is from Dicks Electronics RTLS1
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